I’m an old soul and if I had it my way, I would be draped in a blanket on a cold summers day with a steaming mug of coffee and a good book instead of working a 10 hour shift in an organization and worrying about being broke. I’d be slaying dragons, waving wands, solving murders and attending balls instead of slugging my way through this corporate ladder. I’ve finally decided to get a grip and do all of it – pay the bills, dance with Mr. Darcy to my heart’s content and share this joy with you.

I’ve been living in these beautiful worlds envisioned by these wonderful authors and this site is created to honour them. It takes a lot of work to imagine and create so there is no intention to disapprove of these creations. This is an honest opinion of what I enjoy as a reader and what I enjoy less. It’s also my way of connecting with other readers, authors and celebrate when they feel the same way I do about a book or offer a different perspective.

I’m here to fall in love with a different genre, feel the hate of the victim and wrap my head around the emotions the written word evokes. Since I’ve just started, I plan to put up 2 posts a week as I want to give every book and article the attention and focus it deserves. I want to reply to every email you send me and every book you want me to review. I’m open to suggestions on what to read next, any constructive criticism and differing opinions. But this forum is all about being respectful, giving credit where it’s due and enjoying the prose. I hope you find this site to be an enchanting experience.