Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Publisher – Crown Publishing Group

About the Author

Gillian Flynn is an American writer. She has published three novels, Sharp Objects, Dark Places and Gone Girl, the last of which she adapted for the screen in the 2014 film of the same name directed by David Fincher. She was formerly a television critic for Entertainment Weekly. 


Gillian Flynn came up with this thriller that turned my insides out till the last page. The first part of the novel centers around Nicky Dunn and his wife Amy’s marriage. The chapters alternate between Nicky and Amy’s points of view about their marriage – Nicky through the present day scenario and Amy through her diary entries that details how they met and their initial years of bliss. Amy’s diary portrays Nick as an aggressive, idle, physically abusive and moody husband while Nick describes Amy as someone who is needlessly difficult, anti social, stubborn and an irrational perfectionist. Nicky and Amy both lose their jobs in New York and they relocate to Nick’s hometown in North Carthage, Missouri to help take care of Nick’s sick mother. This is where their marriage starts to develop cracks – Amy loved their life in New York and hates living in the midwest and she soon begins to resent Nick for this. 

On their wedding anniversary, she disappears without a trace, leaving behind a pool of blood and a neighbour who believes Nick is at fault. Over time, Nick becomes a suspect in her disappearance. His lack of emotion at her disappearance lead the police, public and her parents to believe that Nick is responsible and may have murdered his wife. 

The second half of the book is what turns this whole story around. Both the narrators are found to be unreliable and partially unstable. The author’s brilliant psychological profiling of these characters is what takes this book through. You realise they both have secrets to hide. Nick, with the help of his sister and lawyer, tries to change the public’s perception of him as a murderer but it just keeps getting worse for him. 

This is a masterful psychological thriller that delves into the concept that marriage is a con and examines how people lie to each other. It is also a look into the unhappiness that comes out of a troubled economy. 

I’ve seen the movie and though Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike really bring out the characters well, there are still so many layers in the book that don’t come through in the film. 

The book was amazing and I still can’t find a mystery thriller with such a strong woman character in it. I hope you enjoy it and get creeped out as much as I did.

Happy reading guys!