If you are an author or publisher interested in having a book reviewed, please read the policy and reach out to us on the Contact Page

We write honest reviews for all the books we read. There is a possibility that we will write about some things that didn’t work well for us. Our reviews will include our thoughts and feelings about the book, the characters and sometimes even the cover. The title, author’s name, source and publishing house will be mentioned. The books will be reviewed on the basis of plot, characters, writing style, climax and the intangible. There will be no spoilers from our end.

We are not compensated for any of our reviews. Books we receive from authors or publishers will be identified and mentioned under the Source category. If reviews do not list a source, we borrowed or purchased the book ourselves.

We will add a note at the end of the review in case there is swearing, sexual material etc. in a particular book. These are to help readers decide if they are comfortable reading certain books and for personal reference. We are in no way censoring books.

We prefer paperbacks and hard copies of books as we find them easier to read and faster to finish. If you need to send an e-copy, we accept PDF’s and kindle formats.

We are open to include author interviews and guest posts about the writing process in general. Please go ahead and write to us.

We will try and read your book in a timely manner. Please mention if there is a specific date by which you would like your review to be posted. If there is a specific date, please make sure the book is sent to us a month before the desired review date.

The genres that we read often are – fantasy, young adult fiction, mystery, detective fiction, mythology, chick lit, classics and historical fiction. We don’t usually read biographies, religious texts, poetry, picture books, food guides, travel guides, fitness guides, sci-fi and self help books.


We love interviewing established authors, debut authors as well as people from the publishing industry.

For established authors or people from the industry, they can approach us or we can approach them.

For debut authors, we have the following points in our policy

  • If the request for the interview comes from the reputed publisher, we will go ahead and do it.
  • If the request comes from an author, we will read the book first and depending on the quality of the work, we decide on the interview.

The interview will consist of 10 to 12 questions focusing on his writing process, his influences, personal life, past books and future projects

The authors are requested to send a photo – either of an autographed physical copy or them holding the book


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We have personal pages on these sites and post these reviews only on these pages

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