The Family Corleone by Ed Falco

About the Author

Ed Falco is the author of 3 novels, four story collections, numerous plays, poems, essays and critical reviews. Among his many awards and donors are an NEA fiction fellowship and the Southern Review’s Robert Penn Warren Prize. HE is a professor of English at Virigina Tech where he directs the MFA programme in creative writing. 


This book is a prequel to ‘The Godfather’ and continues the saga of the Corleone family. Its placed during the Great Depression of 1933 and takes us through how Vito Corleone consolidated his power and became the most powerful Don in New York City. This book is a lot about Sonny and Luca Brasi – both acoming of age story and a hitting the deep end respectively. Sonny is pretty much a younger version of what he was in The Godfather. Flirting outrageously, losing his temper and being reckless. Despite his father giving him a job in the garage, he takes on a gang of his own – stealing smuggled goods which directly leads to suspisions towards the Corleone family. Vito Corleone is unaware of his son’s hand in these schemes and sets out to catch the gang ruining his fair and peaceable reputation. This also introduces Tom Hagen’s adoption and introduction into the family. It shows how one of the most troubled characters from the original book, Luca Brasi becomes associated with the Corleone family and introduces a number of new characters including the crime boss, Giuseppe Mariposa. 

Though it is not written by Mario Puzo himself, it is nevertheless, a fair and solid piece of work and a worthy addition to the lurid tale of the Five Families