Why did I start Book Blogging?

A Project

I needed one. Desperately. I was going through days that looked the same. Before this monotony struck, I used to work and study which helped in a lot of ways because it kept my brain occupied and on high stress levels all the time. And now that I’ve finished studying, I went through a sudden slump. Yes, I enjoyed it initially. I had so much time to myself after work that I could finally go out to bookstores, watch movies, take vacations and make dinner. But this barrage of activities dwindled over time and I started to feel like work wasn’t giving me enough of the brain activity I craved. I considered starting a new course and study again until someone suggested this idea. I mulled over it because I knew it required commitment, putting up my writing skills in public (which meant being subjected to a certain level of criticism) which was quite private for a long period of time and to ensure I don’t have a readers block.

Improved Reading Skills

I started small. I didn’t want to go all out and not be able to keep up. I still wanted to have some free time apart from reading because I knew that this could potentially become a full time activity. So I opened an Instagram account in July 2017 and started posting snippets and thoughts after reading my books there. Somehow, when you have a post to do at the end of a book, you read your books differently. You read not only for pleasure or the suspense or even the delight, you read because you want to discern patterns and dissect your thoughts. You start to think about other books by the same author or other authors and you start to compare, you start to analyse your feelings after you’ve finished because you have to put them down. Now, it’s become almost therapeutic.

Pen love

I picked up my pen again. You hear from other authors that you should write every day. It doesn’t matter what but you just need to keep doing it. I, unfortunately, couldn’t. I needed inspiration to strike! I needed to be on a train and then suddenly think of a young boy with untidy jet black hair and a lightning shaped scar on his forehead (sorry Rowling) with thoughts flowing in my head about a magical world. I thought it would come in that way. Sure, I could write. I could write short stories that had an abrupt ending. I could write poetry. I could even write 55 chapters of an HP fanfiction. But could I really do it every day? Nah. Writing about other books helped. It made me (and it still does) a lot better at taking the time out, settling down and really putting word to thought.


I’ve heard and read a lot about the book blogging community. I found it necessary to know what I was exposing myself to because it was a huge commitment to decide to move on from my Instagram page to now Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter and a full blown website that needed constant unique content, keeping up with new book releases, reading constantly as well as a steady stream of reviews. But the idea of interacting with other readers, discovering a shared love for books across countries and keeping up with the book universe sounded like stepping into a second home.

An Experiment

At its best explanation, this is an experiment. It’s just the start and this first post is like dipping my foot into an ocean. I want it to work but when you have a vision of how you want your literary website to read like, there will be hits and misses along the way. I have a rush of ideas but I want to keep in mind that as a reader (who are mostly introverts like me) what would I really want to see on this website? I”ll also have to listen to and revert to what my readers are saying, liking and what is just not working.

I’ve heard it takes time, patience, consistency and content. With so much required, I thought I might as well have a page that lets me ramble.

“Read at your own risk.”